01. Tre tigre I. 68×92 cm. 2021. SOLGT
02. Tre tigre II. 68×92 cm. 2021. SOLGT
04. Tre tigre IV. 68×92 cm. 2021. SOLGT
05. Tiger der ser en drage. 92×68 cm. 2021. SOLGT
06. Gående tiger. 92×68 cm. 2021. SOLGT
07. Tiger i et farverum. 92×68 cm. 2021. – SOLGT
08. Tiger tæt på. 92×68 cm. 2021. SOLGT
09. Tigerportræt I. 68×92 cm. 2021. SOLGT
09. Tigerportræt II. 68×92 cm. 2021. SOLGT


Rhytme is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, you need that rythme or you’re in trouble. – Sugar Ray Robinson. (1921 – 1989).

You kan say the same think about drawing.

23. A hero only appears once the tiger is dead. – Drawing. 35×25 cm. 2019 – Uffe Christoffersen


Although tigers are powerful and fast over short distances, the Bengal tiger cannot outrun fleet footed prey such as deer. Instead it uses stealth to catch its victims; attacking from the side or the rear.

The hind legs of tigers are extremely powerful. A fully-grown tiger can leap over 8 meters. – Drawing. 27×35 cm. 2019.


Tigers are adept swimmers. Unlike almost all other big cats, they enjoy bathing and often play in the water. As adults, they often swim several kilometers to hunt or to cross rivers.


Unlike many other animals, tigers do not drink water by lapping it up on the top of their tongue, due to their tongue bristles. Instead, they cup the back of their tongue to flick water droplets into the air, which they then close their mouth over.

If you rile a tiger, he’s going to show his claws. – Drawing. 24×35 cm. 2019